I’m a journalist and media consultant with deep experience in audio as an editor, reporter, producer, and host. 

Currently, I’m a story editor at Marketplace. I also work independently with organizations, small teams and individual clients to create compelling audio stories driven by great characters and unexpected outcomes. 

In addition, I’m writing a book about my father, an American artist who joined the Canadian army illegally in World War II, and how this act of resistance, and his capture by the Nazis, reverberates through my own life and echoes beyond it. 

I’ve worked in many newsrooms, most recently at  The New York Times as a digital news editor, producer, and reporter. I also managed and contributed to At War, The Times’s forum for exploring the experiences and costs of war. In 2016, I was on the team that rebuilt the Times’s audio department, which later launched The Daily, Still Processing, and other podcasts.

At NPR, I was a producer and editor at All Things Considered, Weekend Edition Saturday, and Talk of the Nation, and one of the creators of Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me.

From 2001-2008 I was a reporter at WBEZ – Chicago Public Radio, where my beats included criminal justice, business, and the military.

I’ve also taught audio reporting and production at Columbia University Journalism School, where I’ve had the intense pleasure of helping other people fall in love with the medium. 

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