This series about the often unseen, heroic work of family caregivers took shape before the COVID-19 pandemic. These people–figuring out how to be caregivers day by day, along with working and living their own lives–have unexpected, practical, redemptive roadmaps for us all.

In 2019 I edited and consulted with The Nocturnists, a San Francisco-based independent medical storytelling community.



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Trial of Former Media Mogul Conrad Black (Morning Edition, 2007) Conrad Black’s media company, Hollinger International, published The Daily Telegraph and the Chicago Sun Times, among other properties.

Jerry Miller’s New Life (Day to Day, 2007)

Jerry Miller spent 25 years in prison on rape and kidnapping charges before becoming the 200th person in the U.S. to be exonerated by DNA evidence. A few months after his release, he was still having difficulty adjusting to his new identity as both a free and innocent man.

Military Nurse Poet’s Identity Questioned (Weekend Edition, 2006)

Dana Shuster is known for her poems written in the voice of a military nurse during the Vietnam War, work drawn from a life she claimed to have lived. But in 2006 she acknowledged she could not confirm either that she was a nurse, or that she had ever served. The news stunned both literary and military circles. Yet then and now, many maintain that Shuster’s work has an emotional truth that resonates with their own experiences of the war and its era.

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